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“V‰H ‘ñ iTaku Amoj

1999”N ‹ž“s‘åŠwHŠw•”H‹Æ‰»Šw‰È‘²‹Æ
2001”N ‹ž“s‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@HŠwŒ¤‹†‰ÈCŽm‰Û’ö‡¬E¶•¨‰»ŠwêUC—¹
2004”N “¯ ”ŽŽmŒãŠú‰Û’ö‡¬E¶•¨‰»ŠwêUC—¹

”ŽŽmiHŠwj 2004”N3ŒŽ


2004”N 4ŒŽ MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit (Cambridge, UK),
                 Postdoctoral Scientist
2007”N 4ŒŽ “ú–{ˆã‰È‘åŠw˜Vl•aŒ¤‹†Š ”ŽŽmŒ¤‹†ˆõ
2009”N10ŒŽ –h‰q‘åŠwZ‰ž—p‰»Šw‰È •‹³
2015”N 4ŒŽ –h‰q‘åŠwZ‰ž—p‰»Šw‰È uŽt

2003”N4ŒŽ`2005”N3ŒŽ “ú–{ŠwpU‹»‰ï“Á•ÊŒ¤‹†ˆõ-DC2
                                   (2004”N4ŒŽ PD‚ÉŽ‘Ši•ÏX)
2006”N3ŒŽ`2007”N3ŒŽ (à)ãŒ´‹L”O¶–½‰ÈŠwà’cŠCŠO—¯Šw•¬
2009”N4ŒŽ`2009”N9ŒŽ “ú–{ŠwpU‹»‰ï“Á•ÊŒ¤‹†ˆõ-PD



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  • Amo T & Brand MD. Were inefficient mitochondrial haplogroups selected during radiations of modern humans? - a test using modular kinetic analysis of coupling in mitochondria from cybrid cell lines (Biochem. J. 404:345-351 (2007))
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