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ÎŠÛ —¢ iKaori Ishimaruj

1992”N L“‡‘åŠw—Šw•”‰»Šw‰È‘²‹Æ
1994”N L“‡‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@—ŠwŒ¤‹†‰È”ŽŽm‰Û’ö‘OŠú‰»ŠwêUC—¹
1997”N L“‡‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@—ŠwŒ¤‹†‰È”ŽŽm‰Û’öŒãŠú‰»ŠwêUC—¹

—Šw”ŽŽm 1997”N3ŒŽ
"Asymmetric Synthesis Using Novel Cationic Diether-Coordinated Lewis Acids and Stereoselective Synthesis of Piperidones and 1,2-Amino Alcohols"

1997”N 4ŒŽ ‘Š–Í’†‰›‰»ŠwŒ¤‹†Š”ŽŽmŒ¤‹†ˆõ
1997”N 5ŒŽ –h‰q‘åŠwZ@•Žè
2003”N 4ŒŽ “¯ uŽt
2003”N 7ŒŽ`2004”N 9ŒŽ ‹qˆõŒ¤‹†ˆõ at
                 Department of Chemistry, Stanford University
2006”N 4ŒŽ “¯ •‹³Žö
2016”N 4ŒŽ “¯ ‹³Žö




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