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¬ò r—Y iKoizumi Toshioj


1983”N ŽÅ‰YH‹Æ‘åŠwHŠw•”H‹Æ‰»Šw‰È‘²‹Æ
1985”N “Œ‹žH‹Æ‘åŠw‘åŠw‰@‘‡—HŠwŒ¤‹†‰ÈCŽm‰Û’ö“dŽq‰»ŠwêUC—¹
1988”N “¯ ”ŽŽmŒãŠú‰Û’ö“dŽq‰»ŠwêUC—¹

HŠw”ŽŽm 1988”N 6ŒŽ

1988”N  4ŒŽ “ú–{‰»–òŠ”Ž®‰ïŽÐ
1990”N  5ŒŽ “Œ‹žH‹Æ‘åŠwŽ‘Œ¹‰»ŠwŒ¤‹†Š‹ZŠ¯
1991”N  4ŒŽ “¯ •Žè
1992”N  4ŒŽ –h‰q‘åŠwZ•Žè
1995”N 10ŒŽ “¯ uŽt
1995”N 10ŒŽ`1997”N 9ŒŽ ‹qˆõŒ¤‹†ˆõ at
                 Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry,
                 University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK
1998”N 10ŒŽ –h‰q‘åŠwZ •‹³Žö
2005”N  4ŒŽ “¯ ‹³Žö




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1991”N2ŒŽ —L‹@‡¬‰»Šw‹¦‰ïŒ¤‹†Šé‰æÜi—L‹@‡¬‰»Šw‹¦‰ïj
2001”N3ŒŽ ŽRè§—ãÜià’c–@l –h‰q‘åŠwZŠwp¥‹³ˆçU‹»‰ïj