Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, National Defense Academy of Japan

Name Lecturer Dr. Hiromune NAMIE
Field Electronic Measurement
  • Exercise of Fundamental Electrical Circuit
  • Exercise of Electric Circuits
  • Communication System
Research interests
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Seamless Positioning
  • 4D Geo-Spatiotemporal Information
Key words
  • GPS
  • GNSS
  • Positioning
  • Navigation
  • GPS, Signals, Measurements, and Performance Second Edition (IPNTJ, pp.27-64, 2010)
  • Development of Network-Based RTK-GPS Positioning System Using FKP via a TV Broadcasting in Japan (IEEE Trans. Broadcasting, Vol.54, No.1, pp.106-111, 2008)
  • Development and Experimental Study of a Network-Based RTK-GPS Positioning System Using a Satellite Communication Line (Elect.&Comm.Jpn, Wiley, Vol.89, No.9, pp.1-9, 2006)
  • Network-Based RTK-GPS Positioning System with Data Dissemination via Satellite Communication Line (ION GNSS-2006, pp.1159-1166, 2006)
  • Evaluation of Positioning Accuracy of High Sensitive GPS Receivers at Sea (Int'l Sympo. GPS/GNSS 2005)

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