Center for Global Security

Research Director

As of April 1, 2019, currently we are having the following respective experts at NDA to participate in research projects for Center for Global Security as directors, we are proceeding the projects.

Asia SecurityToru Ito, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations
Cyber SecurityHidema Tanaka, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science
Aerospace SafetyHiroaki Tanaka, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Maritime SecurityKazuyoshi Mori, Professor, Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
Infectious DiseaseTakamasa Uekita, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry
Natural Disaster and Crisis ManagementMasuhiro Beppu, Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gender and Mental HealthHitoshi Kawano, Professor, Department of Public Policy
Military ProfessionalismDaisaku Sakaguchi, Professor, Department of Strategic Studies
Law, Security and Military OperationsMasahiro Kurosaki, Associate Professor, Department of International Relations
Dual-Use TechnologyHiroshi Sato, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science


advisorMasanori Nishi
Special Adviser to the Minister of Defense of Japan(former Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense of Japan)

advisorRichard Lee Armitage
President of Armitage International (The 13th U.S. Deputy Secretary of State)

advisorEdward N. Luttwak
Historian, Advisor to the United States Administration

Research Exchange

Ministry of Defense, Self-Defense Force

National Defense Medical College (JP)
National Insititute for Defense Studies
JGSDF Command and Staff College (JP)
JMSDF Command and Staff College
JASDF Air Staff College
Joint Staff College
Acquisition, Technology &
Logistics Agency
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