History and Logo

Center for Global Security


March 2014Proposal for establishment of the Center for Global Security in the final report "aiming new high of NDA"
October 2015Establishment of Review Panel
April 2016Founded in the Information and Media Library
April 2018Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS) newly established.
Center for Global Security moved to IAS due to organization reform.

Our Logo


This logo mark is created with color tones associating Japan Ministry of Defense/Self-Defense Forces (blue and green) with National Defense Academy (Shikon). Three lively moving arrows suggest the following meanings:

  1. National Defense Academy is a basic platform for education, training, and research to foster future leaders of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and to support their joint operations.
  2. The Center takes an interdisciplinary approach to Global Security Studies based on organic connection of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering, and Defense Sciences.
  3. The Center promotes joint research in cooperation with industry, government, and the academic community.
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