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About Division of Research

The Division of Research is responsible for planning, managing and supporting research activities to be conducted by the Center for Global Security (GS). At this initial stage, ten areas have been selected as focus areas for our research, and for each of them, a competent researcher has been assigned as the leader in each area. The list of focus areas is subject to periodic review so as to respond to the needs of society, and the nation's policy orientation concerning scientific and technological development of the time. We are happy to say that the GS can rely on a pool of about 300 researchers available within the NDA, covering a wide range of academic fields to promote interdisciplinary research.

One of the main objectives of the GS is to actively pursue collaborative projects with counterpart research institutions and researchers both within the country and abroad.

Since our primary objective is to promote high quality research and disseminate the output for public use, it is important for the Research Division to endeavor to create a supportive research environment, and this includes efforts to secure funding through, inter alia, a closer collaboration with the private sector; as well as to provide better opportunities for dissemination of research output.

Head of Division of Research

Research Administrators

As of April 1, 2020.

Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Research AdministratorTakashi TAKIGUCHI
Professor, Department of Mathematics
Research AdministratorDaisuke MARUYAMA
Associate Professor, Department of Humanities
Research AdministratorShigeru TADA
Professor, Department of Applied Physics
Research AdministratorToshihisa KAMEI
Associate Professor, Department of Communications Engenieering
Research AdministratorHiroaki TANAKA
Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Research AdministratorNorihisa URAGAMI
Associate Professor, Department of National Defense Studies
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