Center for Global Security

Outline of Research

The revised Japan-US guidelines for defense cooperation in 2015 as well as security legislations promulgated in 2016 both designated China's maritime expansions and North Korea's nuclear weapon and missile developments as the primary causes of the increased turmoil in the Asian security environment. Japan’s Defense Ministry and Self-Defense Forces also are paying attentions to these security challenges.

The Center for Global Security (GS) utilizes the research assets of the Defense Ministry and Self-Defense Forces to deepen Asian security studies, and to provide a feedback by sharing the results of these research. We sincerely hope to generate synergy by studying these security issues with researchers in various academic fields such as area studies, international relations and comparative politics.

For these ends, GS will exchange views with policy makers in the countries concerned, as well as scholars specializing in such areas of researches.

Research Director Profile

NameToru Ito
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NDA
SpecialtySouth Asian diplomacy, Security
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