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Outline of Research

Nowadays, the border between military technologies and civilian technologies is becoming ambiguous by way of technology developments. The Internet and GPS were originally made for military use. On the other hand, civilian technologies have made a great contribution to space exploration and missile development. As a result of continuing spin-off and spin-on between military and civilian technologies, we have to treat new technologies from the viewpoint of dual-use technology.

We cover the issue of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because it will be the game-changing and controversial topic of dual-use technology. Current AI gains an ability to learn by itself. Technological development of AI has exceeded of expert's predictions. Therefore, both the private sector and the government have to be prepared for the impact of AI.

In addition, we study not only the technical aspect of dual-use technology, but also social aspects such as the law and ethics.

Dual-use Technology Research Project

We are working on the following project.

1Study related to efficiently learnable neural networks with a small amount of data.

(1) Overview
In Artificial Intelligence (AI), the mainstream of activity is currently deep-learning. Deep-learning demands huge amounts of data and computing resources. This project aims to study neural networks, which can be learned efficiently by mimicking human beings with a small amount data through a method called flash learning.

(2) Project Director
Hiroshi Sato, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NDA

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