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Global Security Seminar Series

Print ISSN 2433-4189, Online ISSN 2433-4197

6seminarseriesCoedited by Hideya Kurata and Jerker Hellstrom,
NDA‐FOI Joint Seminar, Nuclear Threshold Lowered?,
Global Security Seminar Series No.6,
National Defense Academy, March 2021.
⇒PDF 3.1 MB
5seminarseriesCoedited by Eyal Ben-Ari and Hitoshi Kawano,
Military and Society in Israel and Japan: Family Support, Mental Health and Public Support,
Global Security Seminar Series No.5,
National Defense Academy, March 2020.
⇒PDF 6.0 MB
4seminarseriesCoedited by Teruhiko Fukushima and Ian Hall,
The Implication for Connectivity Agendas for Our Economic Well-Being and Our Security: Proceedings of the conference between the Center for Global Security, National Defense Academy and the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University held on November 12, 2018 in Yokosuka, Japan,
Global Security Seminar Series No.4,
National Defense Academy, March 2020.
⇒PDF 6.8 MB
3seminarseriesCoedited by Glenn-Egil Torgersen, Ole Boe and Hitoshi Kawano,
Gender, Diversity, and Military Leadership Development in Norway and Japan: A Preliminary Seminar on Socio-cultural Backgrounds and Current Issues,
Global Security Seminar Series No.3,
National Defense Academy, May 2019.
⇒PDF 2.2 MB
2seminarseriesCoedited by Hideya Kurata and Jerker Hellstrom,
NDA‐FOI Joint Seminar, North Korea's Security Threats Reexamined,
Global Security Seminar Series No.2,
National Defense Academy, March 2019.
⇒PDF 7.3 MB
1seminarseriesCoedited by Yasuhiro Takeda and John Rydqvist,
NDA‐FOI Joint Seminar on the Future of East Asian Security,
Global Security Seminar Series No.1,
National Defense Academy, October 2017.
⇒PDF 1.46 MB


Global Security Study Series

Online ISSN 2433-4200

3studyseriesRintaro Yamanaka,
Analysis and Verification of "Negative List-Positive List Theory",
Global Security Study Series No.3,
National Defense Academy, January 2021.
⇒PDF(JP) 2.22 MB
2studyseriesYoshimasa Adachi,
The Theory of CBRN Terrorism,
Global Security Study Series No.2,
National Defense Academy, March 2020.
⇒PDF(JP) 5.93 MB
1studyseriesShuichiro Iwata,
Japan’s Deterrence Strategy: Comparison with South Korea and Australia,
Global Security Study Series No.1,
National Defense Academy, December 2017.
⇒PDF(JP) 2.49 MB


Global Security Reports

Print ISSN 2434-303X, Online ISSN 2434-2440

4studyseriesEdited by Yoshinori Shigihara,
Technological Development on Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management of Facilities of the SDF,
Global Security Reports No.4,
National Defense Academy, June 2019.
⇒PDF(JP) 9.79 MB
3studyseriesEdited by Rintaro Yamanaka,
Domestic Laws and Regulations Governing Military Activities: Comparative Studies of Seven Western Countries,
Global Security Reports No.3,
National Defense Academy, December 2018.
⇒PDF(JP) 5.54 MB
2studyseriesEdited by Yasuhiro Takeda,
Civil Protection:Current Issues and Measures,
Global Security Reports No.2,
National Defense Academy, September 2018.
⇒PDF(JP) 7.78 MB
1studyseriesEdited by Yasuhiro Takeda,
Emergency Airlift of Overseas Japanese Nationals by Government Aircraft: Understanding the Challenges and Countermeasures,
Global Security Reports No.1,
National Defense Academy, July 2018.
⇒PDF(JP) 7.88 MB


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