Graduate School of Security Studies, National Defense Academy

In 1997, the National Defense Academy (NDA) established the Graduate School of Security Studies for the purpose of educating and training officers of the Japan Self Defense Forces, in addition to those who serve other public/private organizations in Japan and overseas. The School offers two main courses of International Security and Strategic Sciences, chartered to educate students on every major academic field relating to security based on the following subjects:

[Common Basic Subjects]
Security Study; Comparative Defense Policies; the United Nations; Laws of War; Crisis Management;

[Subjects for International Security Course]
International Conflicts; International Cooperation; International Order; Arms Control and Disarmament; Collective Security Organizations; Asian Security; European Security; Russian Security; Middle-East and African Security;

[Subjects for Strategic Sciences Course]
Military Organizations; Organizational Strategy; Comparative Organizations; Information Strategy; Organizational Psychology; National Strategy; Cultural Implications of Strategy; Technology Strategy; Politico-Military Relations; Defense Administration; War History;

[Related Applied Subjects]
Defense Economics; Strategy and Game Theory; International Economy System; Defense Administration Law; Comparative Defense Legislation; Civil Law on Defense; Public Policy; Special Lecture on Security.

The caliber of our school is equivalent to that of distinguished civilian universities in Japan, with an annual admission process based on one entrance examination that is highly competitive, Students are expected to study intensively for two years under the supervision of diverse and dedicated faculty. In order to graduate, students are required not only to complete the course work with a minimum of 30 credits for compulsory and elective subjects, but also to write their respective theses based on their areas of concentration. Successful graduates who are able to pass the thesis examination given by the National Institution for Academic Degrees are granted the master's degree.