Control Processing Laboratory

<<Associate Professor>>  Kenichiro Yoshitomi

Kenichiro Yoshitomi

Kenichiro Yoshitomi
Associate Professor 
Control Processing 
Kenichiro Yoshitomi
Current Teaching: 

Mechanical Engineering Experiments, Computer Exercises, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests: 

Polishing, Microfabrication, Profile measurement

Current Research: 

Planarization of a large-sized wafer with oscillation speed control type polishing
Lapping and polishing for planarization of a rectangular glass
Microfabrication using micro pattern mask created by dispenser system

Future Research: 

High accuracy and high efficiency planarization polishing in low slurry flow rate
Manufacturing of micro structures with blast machining


abrasive machining, polishing, machining of semiconductor materials, flat pane displays


High performance and downsizing of personal computors and mobile telephones, and high quality and growing in size of liquid-crystal televisions have been achieved with the extra-precision machining technique in the region of nanometer. We are proceeding with a series of researches to improve the abrasive machining accurately and efficiently, to develope the simulation programs for lapping and polishing, and to inquire into the priciples of abrasivemachining and taking part in their reserches to contribute the growth of the precision engineering.


1.3-Dimensional Profile Measurement Using Virtual Slit Moire Method by Line Laser (Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering,66,2000)
2.Highly Efficient CMP Planarization Using a Ring Polisher with Oscillation Speed Control(Proceeding of the 4th International Symposium on Advances inAbrasive Technology,2001)
3.Ultra Precison Polishing with the Oscillation Speed Control: An Analysis fo the Pressure Diestribution and the Profile(ADVANCES IN ABRASIVE TECHNOLOGY V,2002)
4.Planarization polishing for a large-sized wafer with a small tool (1st report)(Journal of the Japan Society for Abrasive Technology,47,2003)


Doctor cource of intelligent mechanical engineering, Graduate school of engineering, Kyushu uniersity

Dr. of Engineering 

Research Associate of National Defense Academy


The Japan Society for Precision Engineering, The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology


2006.8 Incentive Award (The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology)
2006.3 Best Paper Award (The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology)
2005.6 Best Paper Award (Machine Tool Engneering Foundation)