Machine Dynamics

Overview of the Machine Dynamics Laboratory

Overview of the Machine Dynamics Laboratory Mechanical dynamics is a discipline which considers the input forces and the vibrations which those forces generate in machines. This laboratory performs research and provides training with respect to vibration characteristics analysis and vibration suppression control through relevant simulations and experiments. Research is related to non-contact levitation of objects using magnets, including magnetic bearings and magnetic suspension and balanced systems. The theme of this laboratory is the stabilization of movement through vibration suppression.

Attractive aspects of machine dynamics

Intriguing aspects of machine dynamics All objects exhibit intrinsic vibration, from cars and computers to buildings. Passengers become sick if a car vibrates too much, and multistory buildings which have no vibration suppression mechanisms vibrate to the extent where it becomes impossible to live on the higher floors. The purpose of vibration control is not only comfort. For example, through the suppression of vibration, it is possible to transfer and store energy in a more efficient manner. Moreover, there are various degrees and types of vibration, from the obvious to the imperceptible. From the viewpoint of mechanical dynamics, it is possible to reveal these vibrations using numerical analysis.