Machine Material

Overview of the Machine Material Laboratory

Overview of the Machine Material Laboratory In the framework of synthesizing, observing, measuring and eventually designing advanced materials, this laboratory provides an integrated method of research and education in fields ranging from new materials science to the development of cutting-edge structural materials. Engineering materials comprise not only metals and alloys, but also ceramics and polymers, each with their inherent properties, and those properties are improved further by mixing or fusing different materials. In order to prepare a wide variety of nanomaterials necessary for the progress of high-technology, the Materials System Engineering Research Laboratory now offers a systematic course involving the exploration of the areas of nanotechnology, nanochemistry and nanofunction.

Attractive aspects of machine material

Intriguing aspects of machine material Although the term "manufacturing" commonly refers to the process of mechanical design using conventionally processed materials, it is necessary to develop as yet non-existing materials in order to realize various technologies in the near future. In other words, there is a need to synthesize new materials possessing novel and unique properties. One of the captivating traits of material science and systems engineering is that they enable the creation of advanced materials, thus constructing a variety of infrastructural systems capable of on-demand production and ultimately providing the basis for next-generation "manufacturing".