Measurement & Control Laboratory

Overview of the Measurement & Control Laboratory

計測制御研究室概要The precise control of target objects is an important feature in all fields of mechanical engineering, and control engineering is a discipline which studies the theory and application of control. This laboratory performs extensive research of both fundamental and practical control theories, from classical and modern control theory to human-machine systems and optimal control theory. Examples of relevant fields which are actively researched in this laboratory include studies related to the movement optimization and stability of moving objects, and research of the cooperation between human and machine.

Intriguing aspects of measurement control

計測制御の面白さThe applications of measurement control are extensive. What is the optimal flight pattern for an airplane aiming at arriving at the destination while controlling the consumption of energy? What control should be exerted on a Formula 1 racing car in order to achieve the fastest lap time? How can we realize a space station which rotates without using any fuel? Measurement control is relevant to all of these questions. Occasionally, experimental measurements mysteriously provide hints with respect to solutions which can not be reached through simulations, and exploring these mysteries is one of the marvels of this discipline.