Strength Design

Overview of the Strength Design Laboratory

Overview of the Strength Design LaboratoryThe name of the laboratory derives from the principle of "pursuing machine design from the viewpoint of strength", and is responsible mainly for the mechanical aspects of materials, which is one of the fundamental subjects in mechanical engineering. The research focuses on the deformation and failure of electronic devices, composite materials and other topics in solid mechanics by combining computer simulations with experiments using infrared thermography and laser microscopy. The present main themes are "nanoindentation", which measures the compression strength through nanoscale control, "fretting fatigue", which stems from friction generated by infinitesimal back-and-forth motion, nondestructive measurements using various measurement devices, and the shock absorbance of "honeycomb materials", which possess the same structure as beehives.

Attractive aspects of strength design

Intriguing aspects of strength design No matter how superb a newly developed machine is, it serves no purpose if it breaks immediately. Furthermore, we are surrounded by many machines which need to be sturdy and operate reliably, and it is necessary to monitor them and take the necessary measures for preventing their failure. For the purpose of maintaining a safe and comfortable lifestyle, it is essential to research tough materials which comprise tough machines, as well as to perform numerical simulations and nondestructive inspections with respect to the possibility of failure before it actually occurs. The simulation techniques and the nondestructive methods learned in this research laboratory become indispensable tools which can be applied in various fields.