Thermal Engineering

Overview of the Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Overview of the Heat Engineering Laboratory This laboratory performs research and provides training related to heat transfer and flow around objects. The focus falls on the field of convection, which explores the ways in which the cooling or heating of objects is affected by flow, although it also includes research related to the minimization of the fluid force of objects placed inside a flow. Furthermore, a new measurement method aimed at elucidating the mechanisms of complex heat transfer using infrared cameras is under development. Experiments and practices involving gasoline engines are implemented as part of the training related to thermal engines.

Attractive aspects of thermal engineering

Intriguing aspects of heat engineering We are surrounded by various heat-emitting devices, some of which (e.g. cars, mobile phones, and computers) are in close proximity to our bodies. If the generated heat is retained, this could not only result in the failure of the machine, but it can also pose a significant threat to the user. Furthermore, cooling becomes an important problem for the commercialization of computers and other electronic devices from the view point of increasing their performance and reducing their dimensions. The excitement of witnessing unforeseen changes in the cooling performance brought by a spark of ingeniousness can be experienced through experiments.