Fluid System

The Fluid System course undertakes education and research into devices and systems that use fluids. Students work on research aiming to develop higher levels of performance and functionality in fluid power systems (mechanical systems which transmit power through the medium of fluid), particularly hydraulic systems, by gauging the internal behaviors of fluidic devices such as pumps and valves, establishing hydraulic control systems using artificial intelligence, proposing new flow volume measurement methods, identifying new hydraulic servo systems and developing fluid systems with reduced levels of noise and vibration.

Takao Nishiumi

Professor:NISHIUMI, Takao

Current Teaching:Fluid MechanicsⅠ, Fluid MechanicsⅡ, Fluid Machinery, Design of Mechanical Systems Element, Advanced Electro-Hydraulic Control, Fluid Power System

Research Interest:Fluid Machinery, Fluid Power System, Control Engineering

Keywords:Dynamic Behavior in Positive Displacement Pumps, Hydraulic Servo Systems, Fluid Measurements, Neural Network, System Identification



Takayoshi Ichiyanagi

Associate Professor:ICHIYANAGI, Takayoshi

Current Teaching:Fluid MechanicsⅠ, Fluid MechanicsⅡ, Design of Mechanical Systems Element, Science and Engineering Guide

Research Interest:Fluid System, Fluid Machinery, Fluid Power System, Fluid Borne Vibration

Keywords:Fluid Borne Noise and Vibration, Hydraulic Silencers, Positive Displacement Pumps, Hydraulic Actuator Control System