Naval Architecture

The Naval Architecture course provides education on basic naval architecture as well as into the resistance, propulsion and movement of bodies in both static water and waves, while also undertaking theoretical, practical and numerical research into the fluid dynamics of ships.

Kazuki Yabushita

Associate Professor:YABUSHITA, Kazuki

Current Teaching:Naval Architecture A, Mathematics of Mechanical Systems Engineering, PhysicsⅠ, Ship HydrodynamicsⅠ, Viscous Hydrodynamics

Research Interest:Naval Architecture, Oceanography,Viscous Hydrodynamics, Applied Mathematics

Keywords:Ocean Waves, Viscous Hydrodynamics, Perturbation Method, Resummation


Go Okahata

Assistant professor:OKAHATA, Go

Current Teaching:Advanced Naval Architecture, Applied Computer AnalysisⅡ, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Research Interest:Naval Architecture, Viscous Hydrodynamics

Keywords:Nonliner Oscillation, Chaos, Viscous Hydrodynamics