Ocean Engineering

The Ocean Engineering Laboratory undertakes research aiming to estimate wave exciting forces and loads for a wide range of floating structures ranging from ships to oil platforms and similar floating bodies, and to examine the strength of such structures. At the Laboratory, students learn about interactions between fluids and structures through computer simulations and modeling experiments. Keywords for some of the most important research currently being undertaken at the Laboratory are gmultihull vessels,h ghigh-speed vessels,h gslammingh and gslosh dynamics.h


ProfessorFKIHARA, Hajime

Current TeachingFNaval Architecture B, Introduction of Naval Architecture, Mechanical Systems Design and DrawingⅡ, Ship Hydrodynamics Ⅰ, Hydroelasticity, Computational MechanicsⅡ

Research InterestFNaval Architecture, Ocean Engineering

KeywordsFShip Motion, Wave-induced Loads, Nonlinear Interaction Between Waves and Floating Body



Shigeyuki HIBI

LecturerFHIBI, Shigeyuki

Current TeachingFMechanics of MaterialsⅠ, Mechanics of MaterialsⅡ, PhysicsⅡ, Applied Computer AnalysisⅠ, Structural Design of Ships, Computational MechanicsⅠ

Research InterestFNaval and Ocean Engineering, Structural Design of Ships

KeywordsFWave-induced Loads, Impact Loads, Particle Method