Precision Machining

As products grow ever smaller and ever higher-performing, the components that go into such products are also required to exhibit higher levels of performance and precision. At the Precision Machining course, we provide education on precision machining and precision measurement, as well as working to define and resolve issues pertaining to precision machinery, precision measurements and the processing of the components of precision machinery in order to ensure the high levels of accuracy and efficiency that are required in this field.

Akinori Yui

Professor:YUI, Akinori

Current Teaching:Precision Machining, Mechanical Systems Design and DrawingⅠ, Machine Shop Practice, Precision Machine, Ultra Precision Machine

Research Interest:Precision Machining, Machine Tool

Keywords:Grinding, Cutting, Machine Tool, Machine Element


Takayuki Kitajima

Associate Professor:KITAJIMA, Takayuki

Current Teaching:Instrumentation Engineering, Machining Technology, Mechanical Systems Design and DrawingⅠ, Advanced Surface Engineering

Research Interest:Precision Machining, Precision Measurement

Keywords:Grinding, Polishing, Precision Measurement