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1-10-20 Hashirimizu, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, 239-8686 Japan


 Materials Science
Dr. Yoichi Okamoto, Associate Professor
Dr. Hisashi Miyazaki, Research Associate
  • Photoelectric and thermoelectric materials
  • Solar cell
 Materials Development
Dr. Hitoshi Matsumoto, Professor
Dr. Atsushi Aruga, Associate Professor
Dr. Hiroaki Kishimura, Assistant Professor
nonequilibrium process, processing under extreme conditions
  • Shock Compression, Shock compaction
  • Alloys
  • Thermoelectric Materials
  • Phosphor
  • Crystal Structure of Inorganic Compounds, especially the Rare Earth Chalcogenides
 Materials Characterization
Dr. Hiroshi Abe, Professor
Dr. Shinichiro Ozawa, Assistant Professor
Development of functional materials using Chemistry, soft materials
  • Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
  • An Order-Disorder Transformation of Quasicrystals
  • EHD (Electro Hydrodynamics) Fluids
  • Photoinduced Electron Transfer at Gold Electrodes Modified with Self-Assembled Monolayers of Thiols
  • Electrocatalytic Responses and Voltammetric Behaviors of Biomolecules at Self-Assembled Electrodes
Dr. Hisao Esaka, Department chairperson & Professor
Dr. Kei Shinozuka, Research Associate
Fusion reactor Material, Environmentally-friendly Materials
  • Lead-free Solders
  • Solidification Processing
  • In-situ Observation of Solidification
  • Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Steels
  • Electron microscopy
 Electronic Materials
Dr. Shinjiro Tashiro, Professor
Dr. Keisuke Ishii, Professor
Piezoelectric Materials
  • Nonlinear Piezoelectric Phenomena
  • Lead Zirconate Titanate System Ceramics
  • Sintering and Characterizations of Lead-free Piezoelectric Ceramics
  • Piezoelectric Polymer
 Materials System
Dr. Yoshihisa Watanabe, Professor
Dr. Nobuaki Kitazawa, Professor
Dr. Masami Aono, Associate Professor
Thin film materials
  • Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon (a-C:H) and Diamond Films Grown by Chemical Vapor DepositionMethod
  • Sol-gel derived Materials
  • Materials with natural quantum-well (two-dimensional layered) structure
  • Preparation and characterization of carbon nitride films

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Defense Academy