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March 21, 2016Commencement ceremony
March, 2016Retirement party
February 29, 2016Prof. J. Morimoto's last lecture
February 29, 2016Undergraduate thesis Presentation
February 18, 2016Master thesis Presentation
November 25, 2015MSE open house for freshman
November 13, 2015Progress report of Doctor Thesis
November 9, 2015Doctor Thesis Presentation
November 9, 2015Master Thesis Presentation
October 14, 2015Plant visit to Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works, Mitsubishi heavy industries, LTD.
July 25, 26, 2015Open campus
June 19, 2015Special lecture for senior (Dr. Tsujimura, from Division of Materials Science, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
June 16, 2015Plant visit to Nissan Motor Company
June 9, 2015Special lecture for senior (Dr. Taku J. Sato, from Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University)
May 10, 2015Open campus
April 2, 2015The start of the new school year
February 26, 2015Undergraduate thesis Presentation
January 14, 2015Plant visit to Nissan Motor Company
November 26, 2014MSE open house for freshman
November 18, 20142nd MSE Get-together
November 12, 2014Master Thesis Presentation
November 8 and 9, 2014School festival
October 28 and 29, 2014Five senior students made presentations in 5th ionic liquid symposium.
October 21, 2014Special lecture for senior (Dr. Miki, National Institute for Materials Science)
October 18, 2014BBQ party
July 26, 27, 2014Open campus
July 23, 2014Progress reports by 2nd-year master's degree student
June 28, 2014BBQ party
June 20, 2014Special lecture for junior (Prof. Akasaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
June 18, 2014Plant visit
May 20, 2014MSE Get-together
May 16, 2014Plant visit to Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
May 11, 2014Open campus
April 2, 2014The start of the new school year
February, 2014Undergraduate thesis Presentation
November, 2013MSE open house for freshman
November 1, 2013Plant visit to Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry
October 29, 2013Special lecture (Prof. Tsurumi, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
October 25, 2013Special lecture (Prof. Mashimo, Kumamoto Univ.)
October 16, 2013The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW) wins Nobel Peace Prize. One of our alumni worked the OPCW as inspector for 4 years.
October 16, 2013Plant visit to JFE Steel Corporation
October 9, 2013Beginning of a new school term
July 27, 28, 2013Open campus
June 25, 2013Plant visit
May 11, 12, 2013Open campus
April 2, 2013The start of the new school year
April 1, 2013Staff reshuffling
March 17, 2013Graduation ceremony
March 8, 2013Marathon relay race for senior students
Feburary 27, 2013Undergraduate thesis Presentation
Feburary, 2013Master Thesis Presentation
January 23, 2013Plant visit to Global Nuclear Fuel - Japan Co, Ltd.
January 18, 2013Plant visit to IHI Co.
November 28, 2012MSE open house for freshman
November, 2012Laboratory visit