Materials Processing

@Materials Processing is one branch in materials science and engineering. In particular, shock wave is an innovative processing for densification. A compressive shock wave is introduced into materials by the impact of a high velocity flyer plate. As the result, unexpected inhomogeneous plastic deformation, localized melting near particle surface are occurred within extremely short time. Also, propagating shock wave induce chemical reactions.

@On the other hand, ultrasonic irradiation process is applied for supercooled liquids. The dynamic behavior of the material is of interest and can be studied in nucleation process under the external fluctuations. A variety of materials solidification and amorphous is obtained by applied power, frequency, cooling rate, quenching temperature.

What'New, April, 2013
Dr. Abe is promoted to professor. He is moved off to the Laboratory of Materials Characterization.
Dr. Aruga joins our laboratory.

What'New, October, 2012
We invited Dr. Mohamed Kheireddine Bin Taieb Aroua, Professor of Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering University of Malaya. He gave us a series of lectures on the green chemistry and its applications to chemical engineering. The title of the lecture was "Development of green process engineering within the framework of modern chemical engineering". His lecture was educational for our students.
During the lecture, we also introduced our researches and Japanse cultures.