Laboratory of Materials Science.

Laboratory of Materials Science. phone extension 2459, 2444, 3680, 3664

     Laboratory of Materials Science (Solid State Physics for Electronics Laboratory) was established in 1962. The research is directed to study the principle and the operation mechanism of the solid state electronic system from the view point of the material property and to lead to the development of the new material. Much attention is focused on the research of the characteristic of the device which uses photoelectric conversion phenomena and thermoelectric conversion phenomena. We are interested in the photoelectric and thermoelectric materials such as CdS, ZnSe, ZnO, HgCdTe, Si, SiC, GaAs, Bi-Te, and Si-Ge. The joint researches with Ministry of Defense TRDI, National Defense Medical College and other universities or institutes are continued intensively for ten years.




1) Characterization of Infrared Detecting Materials (HgCdTe)
2) Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Semiconductors (porous Si, ZnSe, ZnO, ZnxCd1-xO)
3) Characterization of Deep Impurity Levels in Semiconductors by DLTS (Si, CdS, ZnO, HgCdTe, GaAs, AlxGa1-xAs)
4) Crystal Growth and Characterization of II-VI Compound Semiconductors (CdS, ZnSe) 
5) Thermoelectric Characteristics of Sintered and Thin Film Semiconductors (SiC, SiGe, BiTe) and Impurity Analysis 
6) Characterization of SiC Single Crystal for Power Electronics 
7) Photoacoustic Spectroscopy and Laser Initiation of Explosives

8) Military and Medical Application of Thermoelectric Semiconductors

Experimental Apparatus

・MBE System
・Laser Ablation System
・Single Crystal Growth System
DLTS System
Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy System
LASERs (Ar, N2, CO2, Excimer, Dye and etc.)
Infrared Laser Tomography System
Photoelectric Measurement System
Thermoelectric Measurement System 
SQUID (Super conducting Quantum Interference Device)

  • Jun Morimoto
  • Yoichi Okamoto
  • Hisashi Miyazaki
  • Y. Ishikawa   
  • (Lt., GSDF)    (Master course)

    Undergraduate Students (Cadets)
  • T. Ooga
  • K. Shinpou
  • Y. Haga
  • Y. Otsuki
  • S. Yamamoto

    Recent Graduate Student (Ph.D) and Foreign Student
  • Graduate Student (Ph.D)          
         Junya Yoshino (Maj., GSDF) has got his Ph.D degree
     (Tokyo Institute of Technology) on April 30, 2000.

               Yasuhiro Ohbuchi (Capt., ASDF) has got his Ph.D degree (The University of Electro-Communications) on March 22, 2002.

               Norikazu Tabuchi (Capt., GSDF) has got his Ph.D degree (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) on March 24, 2005.

               Yoshihiro Inoue (Lt., MSDF) has got his Ph.D degree (The University of Electro-Communications) on September 28, 2007.

  • Graduate Student (Master Degree)

              Capt. (Korean Army) Sang Min Lee has got his Ph.D degree (Tohoku University) on March 25, 2010.
              1 st. Lt. Passapong Wutimakun (Royal Army of Thailand) has got his M.S. degree in September, 2008.

    List of Publications (2007 - )

    1.  Yoshihiro Inoue, Yoichi Okamoto and Jun Morimoto, Thermoelectric Properties of Porous Zinc Oxide Ceramics doped with Praseodymium, Journal of Materials Science 43 (2008) 368.

    2. Yoshihiro Inoue, Taro Toyoda and Jun Morimoto, Photoacoustic Spectra on Mn-doped Zinc Silicate Powders by Evacuated Sealed Silica Tube Method, Journal of Materials Science 43 (2008) 378.

    3. 守本純, 戦略物質シリコンカーバイド (SiC), 防衛技術ジャーナル 第28巻 第2号(2008年)22.

    4. パーサポン ウッティマークン, 守本純, シリコンカーバイド (SiC) 熱特性に及ぼす欠陥の影響, 防衛技術ジャーナル 28巻 第4号 (2008年) 46.

    5. Hiroaki Takiguchi, Yoichi Okamoto, Hisashi Miyazaki, Jun Morimoto, Photoacoustic Spectra and Thermoelectric Properties of Amorphous Si/Au/Ge/Au Superlattice, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47 (2008)  3980.          

    6. Passapong Wutimakun, Taichiro Mori, Hisashi Miyazaki, Yoichi Okamoto, Jun Morimoto, Toshihiko Hayashi, Hiromu Shiomi, Defect Distribution in N-doped and Undoped 6H-SiC Bulk Single Crystal Wafers Observed by Two- and Three-Dimensional Light Scattering Tomography, Japanese  Journal of Applied Physics 47 (2008)  5576.          

    7. Yoichi Okamoto, Junichi Saeki, Tetsunari Ohtsuki, Hiroaki Takiguchi, Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Si/(Ge+Au) Artificial Superlattice Thin Film, Applied Physics Express 1 (2008) 117001.

    8. 宮崎尚, 光音響分光によるCuInSe2 系材料の計測, 超音波TECHNO 20巻 第6号 (2008年) 82.

    9. 守本純, 高性能赤外線センサの可能性, 「 熱電変換技術ハンドブック」, NTS 2008年) 656.

    10. Passapong Wutimakun, Hisashi Miyazaki, Yoichi Okamoto,Jun Morimoto, Toshihiko Hayashi, Hiromu Shiomi, Studies of Thermal Anisotropy in 4H-, 6H-SiC Bulk Single Crystal Wafers by  Photopyroelectric (PPE) Method, Materials Science Forum 600-603 (2009) 521.   

    11.  Passapong Wutimakun, Chumpol Buteprongjit and Jun Morimoto, Nondestructive Three-dimensional Observation of Defects in Semi-insulating 6H-SiC Single-crystal Wafers Using a Scanning Laser Microscope (SLM) and Infrared Light-scattering Tomography  (IR-LST), Journal of Crystal Growth 311 (2009) 3781.

    12. Yoichi Okamoto, Kazuhiko Kato, Kenshiro Asai, Jun Morimoto, Toru Miyakawa and Atsushi Aruga, Thermoelectric Characteristics of Sintered SiC/Cu Semiconductors, 粉体および粉末冶金 第56巻 第8号(2009年)477.
    13. 李健容, 守本純, 赤外線カメラを用いた SiC の欠陥と熱特性評価, 防衛技術ジャーナル 第29巻第9号(2009年)38.
    14. 守本純, SiCパワー半導体が何故注目されるのか?, MATERIAL STAGE 第9巻第6号 (2009年)42.
    15. 守本純, 光学的アプローチによる 6H-SiC 単結晶中の欠陥評価, 次世代パワー半導体  − 省エネルギー 社会に向けたデバイス開発の最前線− , NTS(2009年)79.
    16. Makoto Abe, Hiroaki Takiguchi, Yoichi Okamoto, Hisashi Miyazaki, Jun Morimoto, Mechanical Fabrication of Si-Ge-B Bulk Samples with Superior Thermoelectric Power, Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings 1145 (2009) 1145-MM04-07.
    17. Kunyong Lee, Hisashi Miyazaki, Yoichi Okamoto and Jun Morimoto, Characterization of Defects in Semi-Insulating 6H-SiC Substrates Using IR Thermal Imaging Camera, Materials Science Forum 645-648 (2010) 559.
    18. Hiroaki Takiguchi, Akinari Matoba, Kimihiro Sasaki, Yoichi Okamoto, Hisashi Miyazaki, Jun Morimoto, Structural Properties of Heavily B-Doped SiGe Thin Films for High Thermoelectric Power, Materials Transactions 51 (2010) 878.
    19. Kunyong Lee, Hisashi Miyazaki, Yoichi Okamoto, Jun Morimoto and Kohji Toda, "Nondestructive Testing Technique on Defect Detection in LiNbO3 Using IR Thermal Imaging Camera, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 49 (2010) 07HB07.
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    23. Passapong Wutimakun, Jun Morimoto and Taro Toyoda, Studies of Defects and Thermal Conductivity of Mixed Polytype in 6H-SiC Single Crystal by Polarized Optical Microscopy, Light Scattering Tomography, and Thermal Microscopy, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 49 (2010) 095502.
    24. 守本純, パーサポン・ウッティマークン, 李健容, 赤外線検 知による材料の熱計測  -戦略物質シリコンカーバイド (SIC) 評価への応用- , 防衛大学校理工学研究報告第48巻(2010年)137.
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    30. Hisashi Miyazaki, Jun Morimoto, Kohji Toda, Shinobu Onoda and Takeshi Ohshima, Characterization of LiNbO3 Single-Crystal Substrates Irradiated with Electrons, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 50 (2011) 07HB07.
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