Researh Interests: Biological Motor Control, Computational Neuroscience, and Robotics

Short Bio

Yuki Ueyama graduated from the University of Tsukuba in Engineering Systems for his undergraduate and master degrees. He then received a Ph.D. from the Department of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2012. He has investigated a mechanism generating voluntary movement by measuring primate behaviors and carrying out numerical simulations to apply optimal control to musculoskeletal systems. Now, he is going to investigate computational and robot-assisted approaches for rehabilitation.
He worked for Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. in Tokyo as a Research Consultant in Civil Aviation Systems from 2006 to 2009. He conducted consultations for aviation authorities to design air traffic control systems and civil aviation policies. After postdoctoral researches in School of Medicine, Yokohama City University and the Research Institute of National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities, he was an Assistant Professor at Seikei University in Tokyo. He is currently an Associate Professor at National Defense Academy of Japan in Yokosuka.
Dr. Ueyama is a member of the Japan Neuroscience Society and the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.


Department of Mechanical Engineering,
National Defense Academy of Japan
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