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About Department

    Information is a resource we can use. Signals as information source can be acquired by various means and devices, and by correctly sorting and extracting these signals, usable information can be determined. The information can then efficiently be accumulated, exchanged through and combined with other equipments, and can increase the efficiency of work.

    In the department of computer science, research is being carried out on the processes of information gathering, sorting, accumulation and efficient utilization using various state-of-the-art technologies and ways of thinking. To do so, we make full use of such latest electronics equipments as computers and networks. As is well known, these equipments are evolving day by day, and their design thoughts and operation methods are also changing.

    We closely follow this latest trend on information technology (IT), but more importantly, we, in the department of computer science, place strong emphasis on learning of the basic and universal knowledge and technology associated with IT. IT changes rapidly, but the knowledge and technology you learned in the department shall never be wasted.

    In the present day when the human, material and financial resources are severely limited, the good and successful use of IT is the means of full extraction and efficient utilization of resources.


Message from Department Head

    Dept. Head, Prof. Kazuo Ouchi

    One of the characteristics of human civilization, which differ greatly from other creatures, is the ability to sustain efficient development by jointly keeping the knowledge and wisdom that enrich human life with a whole society, and by handing them over to next generations. Information Technology (IT) in the present society has become “social nourishment”, essential for the utilization of the human knowledge and wisdom. In the department of information science, we aim at bringing up competent people who will be able to carry out the mission to infiltrate IT further into society and to improve human life by educating students on its basic idea and knowledge. In order to achieve such mission, we emphasize the following six specific fields.

    1. Utilization of advanced and useful hardware for social life, including robots and satellites.
    2. Securing of legal management and concealment of world-wide distributed information.
    3. Analyses on the effects of convenience supplied by IT-related devices such as internet and cellular on social life, and the study on the structure of human intelligence. Pursuing higher convenience by using computers for these tasks.
    4. Supplying solution tools that support human decision-making by researching rigorous, high-precision and optimum solutions for various problems in human life.
    5. Development of computer language, signal processing and circuit that are the bases of computers.
    6. Supplying mathematical and information theories to support the scientific thinking process in the above fields.
    In order to carry out education and research in the above fields, the department provides a course of Mathematics Education in the department of mathematics and various basic and technical courses from the following seven research groups: Robot Engineering, Software Engineering, Information System, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Information, Operations Research, and Computer Engineering. (2009.9.10 )

Brochure (in Japanese)