CALIOP level 2, CloudSat-2B, and CloudSat-MODIS HDF readers in C.

At first, you prepare a Linux machine and install HDF. Any OSs are ok if you can easily install HDF by using a package utility. Check Makefile. Then just type make and a command in your terminal (see README). If you were in trouble, ask a computer otaku. He/She must love to answer you.

# a machine with a memory of 2 Gbyte or more is recommended.

CALIOP-L1 reader and sample data (353 Mbyte).

CloudSat-2B-GEOPROF reader and sample data (13 Mbyte).

CloudSat-MODIS-AUX reader and sample data (7 Mbyte).


  1. gcc --> h4cc in all Makefiles
  2. float32 **MODIS_granule --> int8 **MODIS_granule in CloudSat_MODIS.lzh



The include files may be necessary to complie the program.