Research Area

1) Multi-agent systems and game theory
Multi-agent systems are computational systems in which multiple semiautonomous agents (software modules) interact or work together to perform some task or satisfy some set of goals. The research on multi-agent systems will focus on coordination strategies that enable groups of agents to solve problem effectively, negotiation mechanisms that serve to bring a collection agents to an acceptable state, protocols by which agents may communicate and reason about other agents, and mechanisms whereby agents can maintain autonomy while still contributing to overall system effectiveness.

2) Computational organizational theory
Recent advances in logic, symbolic programming, and computer network have made possible new computational techniques to simulate and understand the complexities of organizational theory will focus on the formalization of organizational knowledge creation, organizational learning, coordination by sharing organizational knowledge. Set theory, logic and symbolic programming techniques are combined as the foundations of this research.

3) The theory of interaction and social engineering
When humans interact in a society, they do not do in a vacuum. There are social conventions and laws that constrain their behavior. We can think of the complicated system of laws and conventions as kind of social engineering, intended to produce certain behavior among computers or agents in the computer systems, as the purpose of social conventions and laws is to do exactly that. I am interested in social engineering for machines. The research on the theory of interaction will focus on describing the way autonomous machines or agents interact, and simulating a social phenomenon based on the purposive behavior of each machine of agent. The research on social engineering will focus on kinds of negotiation protocols, and punitive and incentive mechanisms, that would create social environments for machines with provably optimal, beneficial behavior.

4) The networks of computing
The reduction in cost of both personal computers and both local and wide area communications has spawned interest in new uses of computer systems. The research on network computing will focus on a range of simple networked endpoints including ubiquitous personalized computing, multimedia applications, information filter, and inference engine.