Teaching Stance

I would like to point out that there is a crisis coming in the universities that is an indirect result of the computer revolution. Computer science is changing so fast and as an academic discipline is terribly unstable. However, computer scientists are mostly concerned with old disciplines of computer science. Another problem is that most computer scientists concern themselves can be very different from those that concern others. Because of the interest of computer scientists in so many diverse fields, we cannot understand each other.

The computer is an increasingly powerful tool, and we have to regard that one of the most valuable uses of computers is to cause us to view ourselves, and the world in which we live, in a new light. The role of the computer in changing the manner in which a country produces new technology and new scientists is an important part of the computer revolution. To develop a technologically advanced society, we must make sure that our most creative minds are given the chance to do our own creative research and motivate and teach young students their creative thinking. Professors are people who like to read, think, and create. Students imagine that their professors are there to serve them, and therefore their primary interest should be in teaching of creative thinking not techniques. Professor are expected to be great scientist or scholars, and they are primary concerned with their own intellectual development. Academic freedom means freedom to do what excites ourselves and students, rather than what excites other professors or industries or what excited in the past.