Laboratory of

Professor Masashi Kashitani
Associate Professor Masato Taguchi

Research Interests
Wind tunnel measurement technique
(wake integration method etc.)
Optical flow visualization technique
(Focusing schlieren, PDI, and LIF)
Research of low boom and low drag supersonic aircraft
Aerodynamic investigation of transonic shock tube airfoil flows
Development of small air robot for aerodynamic flight testing


Small Cryogenic Wind Tunnel

Size H/W/L: 0.3m x 0.06m x 1.0m
Max Wind Speed: 157 m/s (M = 0.8)
Cooling: Liquid nitrogen
Max. Reynolds number/m: 90 million
Data Acquisition: Scanivalve, Wake Measurement System
Balances: 3 components (Half model)
1.5m x 1.5m Low Speed Wind Tunnel

Size H/W/L: 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 2.0 m
Max Wind Speed: 27 m/s
Circuit Type: Open Circuit
Power Type: Axial Fan
Data Acquisition: Wake Measurement System
Balances: 6 components (Internal)

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