Mechanical Motion

To ensure that machines perform at the maximum level and function as they are intended to, it is essential to clarify their motion characteristics and deal with the issue of vibration. In this course, systematic education and research are undertaken covering everything from basic dynamic problems (centering on kinematics, vibrational science and vehicle dynamics) to applications including mechanism design, control system design and ergonomics.

Hidehisa Yoshida

Professor:YOSHIDA, Hidehisa

Current Teaching:Mechanical Systems Kinematics, Dynamics of MachinesⅠ, Dynamics of MachinesⅡ

Research Interest:Advanced cooperative man machine system, Dynamics of Machines, Control engineering, Vehicle dynamics

Keywords:Attitude control, Vibration control, Railway vehicle, Advanced driver assistance system, Driving simulator


Toyoyuki Honjo

Assistant Professor:HONJO, Toyoyuki

Current Teaching:

Research Interest:Robotics, Motion Control

Keywords:Robotics, Bipedal Walking, Dynamical Simulation