Toward Hub and Platform for Global Security Studies

President's Message


National Defense Academy (NDA) prepares future officers for service in Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF), focusing especially on candidate education and training. Our students must learn not only liberal arts and academic disciplines, but also military studies and various trainings. These trainings consist of approximately 1000 hours of study during the four-year course. On our 60th anniversary in 2012, we launched 'The Project toward a New High (Aratana Takami)' through which we aimed at making progress in our education and training programs. In addition, the Center for Excellence in Liberal Arts Education and the Center for International Exchange were established; and we adopted a student-led education approach in order to adapt to the needs of our times.

In addition to education and training, NDA also serves as a high-level research institution, which employs many excellent researchers, some of whom are the leading professionals in their respective areas of specialization in the humanities, social and natural sciences, as well as other related areas of study. Our postgraduate and doctoral graduates have demonstrated excellence in their achievements in their areas of specialization.

However, in order to make further progress in the quality of our research, it will be necessary to integrate the activities of our various schools, faculties and laboratories; and to widen the scope of our studies, both domestically and internationally. In order to achieve this goal, the Center for Global Security was established in April 2016 as part of the Project toward a New High.

The Center for Global Security is expected to promote joint research into the security issues in which the NDA specializes. This collaboration will include domestic and foreign research institutions as well as companies and foundations. The Center is also expected to highlight our achievements and improve educational standards.

Our hope is that the Center for Global Security will become NDA's symbol of excellence in research within the next couple of decades.

Summer, 2016
Ryosei Kokubun, Ph.D,
President of National Defense Academy

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