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In April 2016, the Center for Global Security (GS) was newly founded in National Defense Academy (NDA). The aim of GS is to produce innovative research on the emerging security challenges facing the world.

The GS’s core strength is its interdisciplinary approach to the study of global security based on expertise available within the Faculty of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Schools of Sciences and Engineering, and School of Defense Sciences. Partnering with organizations spanning policy, operations, and academia both inside and outside the country, GS will be uniquely positioned to provide a platform for analyzing the strategic implications of unforeseen global events in a rapidly changing security environment.

The GS would cover a wide range of research areas, including Asian security, cyber security, aerospace safety, maritime security, infection disease, natural disasters and crisis management, gender and mental health, military professionalism, and Law, Security, Military Operations, and Dual-Use Technology.

The GS will cope with these issues on a project basis in a flexible manner by two or three year-term projects. The projects should feature the formation of an international network for joint research. If necessary, the GS would accept visiting fellows from foreign countries as well as research assistants from graduate schools. Research output in the GS is to be opened to the public in the forms of e-journal, books, and symposiums.

I sincerely hope for your support and cooperation for GS activities.

Hideya KURATA,
Director of Center for Global Security
Professor, Department of International Relations

Directors of Center for Global Security

1stYasuhiro TAKEDA, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of International Relations
April 2016 - March 2018
2ndHideya KURATA,
Professor, Department of International Relations
April 2018 - Present
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