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IEstablished in April 2016, the Center for Global Security has been engaged in research on various security issues facing the international community. In April 2021, the Cross-Domain Research Division was founded to conduct research on technologies required for cross-domain operations, which are the basis for constructing a multidimensional integrated defense force. The purpose of this center is to conduct such security-related research and disseminate the results widely, both domestically and internationally

The National Defense Academy of Japan has many faculty members specializing in the humanities and social sciences, science and engineering, and defense studies. The center takes advantage of these characteristics to promote research through an interdisciplinary approach. In addition, it also fosters collaboration and cooperation with other organizations within the Ministry of Defense, domestic and international researchers, and think tanks, aiming to become a research center for global security.

The Center for Global Security covers many research fields under the Research Division and the Cross-Domain Research Division, examining various issues related to each area in multi-year projects. We are working to contribute to the security of Japan by establishing new programs as needed in response to the global situation.

The security environment surrounding Japan is becoming increasingly uncertain, and we believe that the center is facing high expectations. In addition, we sincerely hope that you will continue supporting and participating in the Center for Global Security.

TANAKA Hiroaki,
Director of Center for Global Security
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering

Directors of Center for Global Security

1stTAKEDA Yasuhiro, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of International Relations
April 2016
2ndKURATA Hideya,
Professor, Department of International Relations
April 2018
3rdTANAKA Hiroaki,
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering
April 2022 - Present
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