Center for Global Security

Hypersonic/Supersonic Defense Seminar;

#26 GS Colloquium #26 GS Colloquium

Date February 4, 2020

Theme Future initiatives of Hypersonic/Supersonic Defense in NDA, Defense system against Hypersonic threat, Free flight testing of Scramjet engine

Speakers Dr. Masato Taguchi (NDA), Kenji Hakamada (MHI), Dr. Hideyuki Tanno (JAXA), Chairman Dr. Keisuke Fujii(JAXA)

Moderators Prof. Hideya Kurata (NDA), Prof. Teruhiko Fukushima (NDA), Prof. Masashi Kashitani (NDA)

* JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

* MHI: Mitsubishi Heavy Industry

* NDA: National Defense Academy


#28 GS Colloquium;

#26 GS Colloquium

Date February 4, 2020

Theme How should scientists engage in research on security technology?

Speakers Professor Hiroaki Kitano, Director, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Moderators Associate Professor Masahiro Kurosaki (NDA)


#27 GS Colloquium;

#26 GS Colloquium

Date January 17, 2020

Theme Study on bacterial community structure in the coastal sediment at the sea of Kashima and Sotobo in the Pacific coast, Japan.

Speakers Dr Tomoko Sakami, Director, Research Center for Aquaculture Systems, National Research Institute of Aquaculture, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency

Moderators Professor Hirosih Yagi, NDA


#26 GS Colloquium

#26 GS Colloquium

Date January 9, 2020

Theme Security Sector Governance/Development in South Korea and Indonesia in collaboration with DCAF (Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance)

Speakers Professor Insoo Kim, Korea Military Academy; Program Coordinator Beni Sukadis, Indonesian Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies

Moderators Professor Tomonori Yoshizaki, National Institute for Defense Studies; Associate Professor Saya Kiba, Komatsu University; Assistant Professor Atsushi Yasutomi; Professor Hideya Kurata, Professor Teruhiko Fukushima, Lieutenant-Colonel Norihisa Urakami, NDA


#25 GS Colloquium

Midterm Workshop

Date December 17, 2019

Theme The U.S. Policy toward the Korean Peninsula

Speakers Mr Allan Y. Song, Senior Program Officer, Smith Richardson Foundation; Dr Seung Hyok Lee, Lecturer, University of Toronto

Moderators Professor Masayuki Tadokoro, Keio Gijuku University; Professor Hideya Kurata and Professor Daisaku Sakaguchi, NDA


#8 GS Research Exchanges

Midterm Workshop

Date December 6, 2019

Theme Exchange of opinions with the academic staff of the National Defense Medical College on “Development of cell property measurement chip based on microfabrication technology”

Speakers Lecturer Mitsuhiro Horade, NDA


#24 GS Colloquium

Midterm Workshop Midterm Workshop

Date December 4, 2019

Theme Peacekeeping and Stability in Africa

Speakers Major-General Deriba Mekonnen Hateu, Head of Peacekeeping Centre; Colonel Elias Seyoum Ahbrha, Commandant of Peace Support Training Institute, Ethiopian Army

Moderators Professor Hideya Kurata, Department of International Relations, Lieutenant-Colonel Norihisa Uragami, Associate Professor of the School of Defense Sciences, Associate Professor Norihito Kubota, Department of International Relations, NDA; Associate Hiromi Fujishige, Aoyama Gakuin University


#23 GS Colloquium

Midterm Workshop

Date October 29, 2019

Theme Study on countermeasures on bioterrorism and emerging infectious diseases based on basic research Part IV.

Speakers Dr. Kazuhito Watabe, Professor emeritus at the Setsunan University; Dr. Kohichi Matsunaga, Research associate/Assistant professor, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma University

Moderators Associate Professor Takamasa Uekita (NDA)


#1 NDA-DCAF Joint Seminar

Midterm Workshop

Date October 11, 2019

Theme Promoting Good Security Governance in the Asia-Pacific

Speakers Dr. Schnabel Albrecht (DCAF), Mr. Youngchan Kim (DCAF), Professor Tomonori Yoshizaki (National Institute for Defense Studies), Dr. Atsushi Yasutomi (Miyazaki International College), Associate Professor Saya Kiba (Komatsu University), Commander Koki Sato (Japan Maritime Self Defense Force), Lieutenant Colonel Norihisa Urakami (NDA), Associate Professor Ai Kihara-Hunt (University of Tokyo), Mr. Hiroto Yamazaki (Zennikkei Security Company), Professor Hitoshi Kawano (NDA), Associate Professor Hiromi Fujishige (Aoyama-Gakuin University)

Moderators Professor Hideya Kurata (NDA), Professor Teruhiko Fukushima (NDA)


#7 GS Research Exchanges

Midterm Workshop

Date October 1, 2019

Theme Exchange of opinions with the academic staff of the National Defense Medical College on “Research studies on bullet-proof body armor and behind armor blunt trauma”.

Speaker Professor Masayuki Ishihara, Professor Masanori Fujita, Lecturer Shingo Nakamura, Assistant Professor Yasunaga Shiraishi, NDMA; Associate Professor Hiroyoshi Ichino, NDA

* NDMA: National Defense Medical Academy


Interdisciplinary Advanced Research Project from FY2017: Midterm Workshop

Midterm Workshop Midterm Workshop

Date July 25, 2019

Theme Social resilience assessment and upgrading crisis management in the event of large-scale natural disasters

Speaker Professor Masuhiro Beppu, Professor Harumi Yashiro, Associate Professor Hiroyuki Yamada, Associate Professor Hiroyoshi Ichino, Associate Professor Ken Kato, Associate Professor Munetoshi Iwakiri, all NDA

Moderator Professor Ayaho Miyamoto, Emeritus, Yamaguchi University; Dr. Hisashi Sasaki, Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd, Visiting Associate Professor of Iwate Prefectural University


#6 GS Research Exchanges 

#6 GS Research Exchanges

Date June 26, 2019

Theme Visit by the postgraduate students and their accompanying officers from IDU*

Speaker First Admiral Dr M. Adnan Madjid, Vice Dean of National Security Faculty, IDU on IDU; Lieutenant-Colonel Norihisa Uragami, Associate Professor of the School of Defense Sciences, NDA “The role of the JSDF in helping to overcome natural disaster”

Moderator Professor Hitoshi Kawano, Director of the International Exchange Center; Professor Teruhiko Fukushima, Head of Planning and Publications, Global Security Center, NDA

* IDU: Indonesia Defense University


#22 GS Colloquium 

#22 GS Colloquium

Date March 22, 2019

Theme Avalanche and Falling Rock Disaster Alarm System by using Thinnings and, Implementation of a health monitoring system on Infrastructure by using an autonomous sensor

Speaker Dr. Nobuhiro Shimoi (Professor, Akita Prefectural University)

Moderator Professor Yoshihiro Takita, NDA


#21 GS Colloquium 

#21 GS Colloquium

Date March 11, 2019

Theme Impact / explosion experiments for space debris problem

Speaker Dr. Hidehiro Hata (Research associate, Kumamoto University)

Moderator Professor Hiroaki Tanaka, NDA


#3 NDA-FOI Joint Seminar 

NDA-FOI joint seminar

Date March 5, 2019

Theme Nuclear Threshold Lowered?: The Security Challenges in Asia and Europe under Trump Administration ? Cross-perspectives from Japan and Sweden

Speakers Mr. Jerker Hellstrom (FOI), Mr. John Rydqvist (FOI), Mr. Johan Englund (FOI), Mr. Frank Rose (Brookings Institution), Prof. Hideya Kurata (NDA), Associate Professor Naomi Yamazaki (NDA), Mr. Takeshi Watanabe (NIDS), Dr. Masahiro Kurita (NIDS), Dr. Hirofumi Tosaki (JIIA)

Moderators Prof. Teruhiko Fukushima (NDA), Prof. Masashi Kashitani (NDA)

* FOI: Swedish Defence Research Agency
* NIDS: National Institute for Defense Studies
* JIIA: Japan Institute of International Affairs


Participation in the International Symposium Held by NIDS

NIDS Symposium

Date January 30, 2019

Theme The roles of the ground defense forces in the new strategic environment

Speakers Professor Daisaku Sakaguchi, School of Defense Studies, NDA, Mr Shigeo Kikuchi, NIDS

*NIDS: National Institute for Defense Studies


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