Center for Global Security

Outline of Research

Nowadays, the danger of collisions of space debris with satellites is rapidly becoming a major concern in space security. More than 7,000 satellites have reached the end of their missions, and have partially disintegrated in space, generating over 10,000 pieces of debris, each of which may represent a danger to functioning satellites and human space travel.

The NDA is researching the problem of space debris, in order to reduce the quantity and danger these objects pose, and thus improve the safety of space development.

Regarding atmospheric flight, aerial surveillance systems have been attracting much attention recently. Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) are especially suited to the requirements of surveillance and aerial photography in the event of large-scale disasters, such as tsunami or earthquakes. In such situations, traffic management of UAVs is the key element for flight safety and efficiency. The influence of gust and air turbulence on the safe function of UAVs is also of great concern. To this end, we plan to investigate relevant technologies to increase the utility of UAVs.

Research Director Profile

NameHiroaki TANAKA
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, School of Systems Engineering, NDA
SpecialtySpace Structure System, Smart Structure System, Space Debris Removal
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