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About Division of Planning and Publication

The Division of Planning and Publication of the NDA plans and manages seminars and joint research; and supervises the foreign dissemination of the results. Our responsibilities include publication of articles, books and newsletters.

Our activities involve collaboration with several related institutions. These include the National Defense Medical College, the National Institute for Defense Studies, the Joint Staff College, JGSDF, JMSDF, and JASDF Staff Colleges as well as the JGSDF Ground Research and Development Command's Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency. We also collaborate with a variety of other institutions which include domestic and foreign government offices, universities, and research institutes.

We also organize and supervise various events for the purpose of disseminating the results of our research. These events include colloquiums (exchanges of opinions of experts), seminars (reports and discussions about a specific topic), and symposiums (keynote addresses by leading experts, presentations, panel discussions and plural sessions). The content and results of these events are made available through an archive and posted on a homepage for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the National Defense Academy as the focus of national security study.

Hisanori FUKADA
Head of Division of Planning and Publication

Research Administrators

As of Aprli 1, 2017

HeadHisanori FUKADA
Professor, Department of National Defense Studies
Research AdministratorMasahiro KUROSAKI
Associate Professor, Department of International Relations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Research AdministratorTakeshi KITAJIMA
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Research AdministratorYoshinori SHIGIHARA
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
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