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Outline of Research

In May 2014, a Cyber Defense Group was established within the Japanese Self-Defense Force (SDF). We, the National Defense Academy (NDA) started a class- Introduction to Cyber Attacks- as one of the taught subjects in Defense Sciences in April 2015. Both the SDF and NDA are promoting education and development of human resources in cyber-security areas. However, to keep pace with the recent cyber attacks, which are increasingly complicated and evolving, it is imperative for us to enhance our daily research practices to utilize it in our education programs.

Nowadays, robot technology, such as autonomous cars, is part of wider cyber technology, and drones which are used for inspection of bridge girders and tunnels, and surveys, etc., are also part of cyber technology. Cyber-Security's contributions are expanding to more diverse fields than ever before. Moreover, it is crucial to cooperate with various fields closely, since it means that the range of our activities on the Cyber-Security Project will be wide and diversified and therefore ultimately of more use to all concerned.

In addition, we should keep an eye on the cyber-related impacts vis-a-vis organizational management. Information reliability is changing from the paradigm wherein human relationships of mutual trust were created, to ones which are provided by secure systems using technical knowledge. The environment of decision-makers is also changing. They are required to have different approaches for the decision-making process. It is essential to work on engineering ethics and legal issues as well.

Cyber Security Research Project

We are working on the following project.

1Cyber-Security related research

(1) Overview
Regarding a workflow situation, we make a generalized cyber-security observation in relation to the system's operation to incident response mechanisms. It aims to establish a potent Cyber-Security Measures operational mechanism which can be applied to decision-making strategies and processes within the SDF, and throughout various other operations. We are also aiming to enhance domestic Cyber-Security Technology as well to develop related human resources..

(2) Project Director
Yasuhiro Nakamura, Professor, Department of Computer Science, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NDA

(3) Research Associates
Wataru Futami, Japan Society for Security & Crisis Management
Hiroshi Ito, Councilor, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications
Hiroki Ashino, NEC Corporation

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